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OLIGARCHY. This name is given to designate the power which a few citizens of a state have usurped, which ought by the constitution to reside in the people. Among the Romans the government degenerated several times into an oligarchy; for example, under the decemvirs, when they became the only magistrates in the commonwealth.

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Antiphon's professional expertise must have appealed to a confederate citizen (of oligarchic convictions?
And now the political right is trying to exploit that very crisis, using it to remove one of the few remaining checks on oligarchic influence.
Chapter 6 suggests how the less developed economies may move away from state-guided and oligarchic varieties of capitalism to entrepreneurial capitalism.
Authoritarian electoral systems are not static: Old oligarchic parties collapse and new ones emerge.
It actually gave Nigerian democracy the oligarchic dress it is now putting on.
Tanzini organizes his study chronologically, dividing his book into four periods: from the 1330s to the 1380s, which marked the birth of the Florentine state and the introduction of a state mechanism for the approval of the laws of subject towns; from 1385 to 1430, during the oligarchic stage of Florentine state development, which witnessed a systematization of the form of approval of the codes diffused across the territory indicating a political and documentary strategy of influence on the part of Florence; from 1430 to the end of the century, which marked a mature phase when dialogues between the subject communities and Florence conserved in Florentine registers record reforms and the approval of new laws; and from 1500 to ca.
You needn't be a believer in the melting of differences between nations, an apologist for oligarchic government, or a free-trade fan of the current state of U.
2) It is therefore likely that powerful groups which expect to gain the most from future trades will initiate the integration required for establishing a constitutional framework,s The resulting governance structure is likely to be oligarchic.
He plowed salt into the political earth that his successors would have to cultivate when he administered economic ''shock therapy'' without the anesthetic of a safety net or the rule of law, allowing communist bureaucrats to morph into oligarchic kleptocrats before Russian citizens knew what hit them.
On a more mundane political level, there are interesting suggestions about the tensions between royal, aristocratic and oligarchic power--who commissioned wall construction and why?
The Bush administration claims it is attempting to establish a secular democratic government in Iraq, when here at home a theocracy is slowly but surely being established (and an oligarchic one at that).
In addition, an oligarchic ruling class, in control of the means of political power, used the power of the governing apparatus to enrich themselves.