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ABANDONED: Olive Green, 90, had to wait for two hours' STUCK: Olive was left at Birmingham Airport
So no changes were incorporated in the 1962-pattern, olive green uniform.
Nasdaq:PALM) today announced that the Palm[R] Centro[TM] smartphone for Sprint will be available in two new soft-touch colors -- Olive green and Vibrant rose.
Tenders are invited for Paint Olive Green Ready Mix Paint Paint R/M,A/D, Spraying, Matt Finish, Olive Green 18C-220 Of Is-5-1994(4Th Rev.
The body is olive green ribbed with fine gold tinsel and the tail is a little bit of olive green marabou.
Upstairs, Judith has decorated the master bedroom in a rich olive green to give it a lovely relaxing feel.
The bird is about the same size as a sparrow and has olive green upper and white underparts.
He is about 5ft 10in, stocky and was wearing an olive green jacket, a dark blue or green jumper with a blue and cream T-shirt underneath.
Go for chocolate brown, dark olive green, purple or navy instead.
The voice of Princess Fiona in the animated Shrek films visited the Incan city of Machu Picchu wearing an olive green bag emblazoned with a red star and the words "Serve the People", perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong's most famous slogan.
the decor is casually hip to the point of being drab - olive green, ocher, cream and the ubiquitous black.
The impressive contem porary space of the foyer in Mwldan 2 gleams white and blocks of colour of olive green, hot fiery orange and cooling purple are interspersed.