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Besides the original mottled olive-green seeds which continued to be produced, there were now beans in various shades of white, red, brown and even pure black, some mottled and some a solid colour
Guests are driven to a safari camp in a remote area of the park, where olive-green tents have been pitched, and snacks and drinks set out.
The olive-green wristbands, featuring the St Cuthbert's Care website address, represent the circle of life, unity and hopefulness.
On September 8, a Mexican army convoy of 45 olive-green vehicles and some 200 troops crossed the Rio Grande into the United States at Nuevo Laredo and continued on to San Antonio, Texas.
He was decked out in a green flat cap and wax jacket with his faded blue jeans tucked into a pair of olive-green wellies for the photo call at Home Farm close to Charles's countryside sanctuary Highgrove.
5 mil black film and is developing a thermic olive-green film.
9; pleochroic with c = olive-green and the direction perpendicular to c = yellowish to brownish green; orientati on not given.