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I was now immeasurably alarmed, for I considered the vision either as an omen of my death, or, worse, as the fore-runner of an attack of mania.
Omens were as nothing to him, and he was unable to discover the message of a prophecy till the fulfilment had brought it home to his very door.
The old figure stirred me as it had never done before and seemed a good omen for the winter.
they are always flying in thy wake; birds of good omen, too, but not to all; --look here, they burn; but thou--thou liv'st among them without a scorch.
This was considered a good omen, and little short of miraculous.
1] Among the Zulus it is a very bad omen for a dog to climb the roof
the sandwiches and sherry brought me a dream that I could not but consider of good omen.
Then Dorian looked at Lord Henry and said, with a heavy sigh, "It is a bad omen, Harry, a very bad omen.
This omen of good fortune gave the soldiers great encouragement; the action grew hot, and they came at length to a general battle; but the Moors, dismayed by the advantages our men had obtained at first, were half defeated before the fight.
The queen, although astonished at this language, to which she was not accustomed from her courtiers, argued from it a happy omen of the zeal with which D'Artagnan would serve her in the accomplishment of her project.
It is a name of ill omen to the princes of the house of France.
She became so fantastically and pressingly earnest in her entreaties that we would walk up and see her apartment for an instant, and was so bent, in her harmless way, on leading me in, as part of the good omen she desired, that I (whatever the others might do) saw nothing for it but to comply.