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Universal says it will release two new "Halloween" films, including one with the ominous title "Halloween Ends." The studio said Friday, July 19 that the first of the films, "Halloween Kills," will be released in 2020 and the second film will come in 2021.
Richard said: "It's a more ominous way of presenting the facts."
"If nothing else, it's a more ominous way of presenting the facts, but it could also be an allusion to more ominous facts," he added.
However, they can ill afford to ignore ominous signs in the real economy hidden behind a seemingly healthy growth rate.
Suspicious tracing in 22%, ominous tracing was observed in 7% of patients.
Hawkins got the first look at the table but broke down on 31 and, after a brief safety battle, Murphy potted an impressive red and then showed ominous form in compiling 92.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The Iraqi Work Political Council warned from what it described ominous repercussions in the event of the fall of Anbar province however, calling for a rapid response to claims for protection of Anbar.
The Congress has come out strongly against the BJP's concept of a " Congressmukt Bharat", describing the slogan as a pipedream of the ruling party though it has ominous overtones to it and implies the end of a secular state.
In production for its seventh and final season, FX "Sons of Anarchy" released a haunting black and white poster featuring lead star Charlie Hunnam and his ominous skull tattoo.
Karachi, May 14 ( ANI ): The decision of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to hire former Pakistani bowler and sacked England spin coach Mushtaq Ahmed for a similar position in the national team reeks of double standards and is 'ominous' for Pakistani cricket, according to former PCB officials.
"Actually, the terrorist act was an ominous move against the two countries and all the other regional nations, and it doubled the necessity for the regional states' consultation and cooperation to confront this ominous phenomenon of terrorism," Zarif said in a meeting with Leader of the Iraqi Shiite National Coalition Ebrahim Jafari in Tehran on Monday.