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n. 1) failure to perform an act agreed to, where there is a duty to an individual or the public to act (including omitting to take care) or is required by law. Such an omission may give rise to a lawsuit in the same way as a negligent or improper act. 2) inadvertently leaving out a word, phrase or other language from a contract, deed, judgment or other document. If the parties agree that the omission was due to a mutual mistake, the document may be "reformed," but this may require a petition for a court order making the correction if it had been relied upon by government authorities or third parties. (See: negligence, breach of contract, reformation)

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OMISSION. An omission is the neglect to perform what the law requires.
     2. When a public law enjoins on certain officers duties to be performed by them for the public, and they omit to perform them, they may be indicted: for example, supervisors of the highways are required to repair the public roads; the neglect to do so will render them liable to be indicted.
     3. When a nuisance arises in consequence of an omission, it cannot be abated if it be a private nuisance without giving notice, when such notice can be given. Vide Branches; Commission; Nuisance; Trees.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Studies that examined the effects of integrity errors on skill acquisition have evaluated errors of omission of controlling prompts (e.g., Grow et al., 2009; Holcombe, Wolery, & Snyder, 1994; Noell, Gresham, & Gansle, 2002), omission of reinforcement (e.g., Carroll, Kodak, & Fisher 2013), commission of reinforcement (e.g., DiGennaro Reed, Reed, Baez, & Maguire, 2011), and combined omission and commission errors (e.g., Carroll et al, 2013; Hirst & DiGennaro Reed, 2015; Jenkins, Hirst, & DiGennaro Reed, 2015; Pence & St Peter, 2015).
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