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In his discussion of this topic, Cain confuses God's omnipotence with the speed of his action and sees the drawn-out process of creation as evidence for process theology (p.
MCLELLAND: First of all, the omnipotence of God is a mistake.
Like Hannah, Fatima demonstrated unwavering faith during her long season of trials and trusted in God's grace and omnipotence to sustain her.
I feel altering MY pronunciations and inflections to correspond to some voice recognition flaw is a weird bow to computers and their omnipotence.
One example is the issue of God's omnipotence (sarvakartrtva), and especially the logical conundrums raised by the possibility of multiple omnipotent beings.
It was also found that both relationships were independent of beliefs about the malevolence or omnipotence of the voices.
But some are serious, like those questioning God's omnipotence and goodness in relation to the existence of evil in the world.
The metaphor of God as a little girl may seem perplexing at first, but if God is the greatest and most perfect all beings, the omnipotence that made all there is, then shouldn't comparing God to a jubilant little girl be every bit valid as comparing God to anyone or anything else in the Universe that God created?
The attitudes you should examine involve those surrounding achievement, approval, autonomy, entitlement, love, omnipotence and perfectionism.
Like England have learnt playing against the All Blacks, a top side like that assumes an omnipotence in that they are something special.
Given how similar they sound and how easy it is to imagine one leading to the other, confusing omniscience (having total knowledge) with omnipotence (having total power) is easy enough.
to Azerbaijan provoke depressive thoughts about the omnipotence of the Aliyevs, and about the futility of dealing with them.