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For those who wish to retain divine omnipotence (or more of it than process theologians often do, at least), the claim of God's self-limitation becomes key.
Though I wish to affirm much of what appeals to Caputo in his theopoetics--not least a view of God as noncoercive love, a God whose creation exhibits contingency and open-endedness--I do not believe he demonstrates that the classical affirmations of creatio ex nihilo and divine omnipotence are responsible for all he heaps upon them.
For instance, Something's Gotta Give (2003) is a Diane Keaton/Jack Nicholson vehicle, which "centers on an omnipotence fantasy for a sixty-year-old woman.
For instance, "fantasies of total control over others" might take the form of "magical reinterpretation of events", or bestowing upon oneself the power to "lie, cheat, or use guile" with impunity, while exaggerated suffering that props up the parental figure is aligned with "fantasies that maintain the omnipotence of others" (23-24).
He first examines the case for omnipotence based on revelation and then upon reasons of natural theology.
The auto bailout talks showed the Spirit of '36 alive and well with free-trade ideology and government omnipotence in the driver's seat of the Republican agenda.
The important point is that while God's Omnipotence does not allow such impossibility for Him, there is another impossibility that His Omnipotence does allow.
For Muslims, Kurban-Bairam symbolizes validity of Mohammed's doctrine, which he received in revelation, as well as omnipotence and mercy of the Most High.
While the priests of these gods denied the omnipotence of Rad, they still worshiped at his altar, providing more and more of the X power that he demanded.
Despite their gung-ho attitudes, their incomprehension of foreigners, their attachment to raw capitalism and their abhorrence of anything socialist; despite their belief in American omnipotence - and that God is on their side; despite all this, let us never forget that we in Europe still owe American an enormous debt of gratitude.
Chapters discuss "The Autobiography of God" as it were (including such concepts as the omnipotence, omniscience, and eternality of God), "The Works of God", "The Creation of Mankind", "The Fall of Mankind", "The Redemption of Mankind", God's connection to Israel, the theology of the prophets, the theology of the psalms, and much more.
The incarnation, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, eternality, and immutability all fit in the sketch and are found in the Christmas child.