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It reproves preachers whose falsifyings of the work of grace "trash and encumber the practice of piety in the heart." (68) It speaks to Christian souls "in fieri"--in process--"not in facto esse." It presents the biblical promises of Christic empowerment whereby, in Hammond's bold statement, "the dead soul revives into a kind of omnipotency," and links them to the dynamic of contingent reciprocity.
will not leaue, till he make a generall league against all such, as doe not, or will not acknowledge the omnipotency of his Bulles." (18) Finally, Heywood's Marshal receives his vice-regal honor significantly earlier than Ariobarzanes, who Artaxerxes only names "lieuetenaunt generall of his realms and dominions, commaundinge euery of his subiects to obay him as himselfe" (207), after his redemption at the end of the story.
The niphqad has vitiated the hiphqid, calling into question God's omnipotency.
Additionally, in the film's concluding scene when Neo is forced to confront the seeming omnipotency of the Matrix's Agents (programs designed to police the human populace in the Matrix and who appear in the Matrix as resembling FBI or CIA agents), the Wachowski brothers parallel Neo's own ability to master the simulation with Trinity's (the character who serves as his love interest) similar mastery of the real itself.