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I argue that, given one clear, positive sense of omnipotence, the argument will not support the claim that God is omnipotent. Since it will be objected that there is no evidence that Berkeley used "omnipotent" in the sense I discuss, I turn to his discussion of linguistic uses, distinguish between philosophical and religious uses of "omnipotent," and argue that Berkeley holds that philosophical uses are problematic while religious uses are not.
The view from G0ES-I6 emulates this power to give us an external viewpoint--the view of an omnipotent narrator.
Reiterating need for installing Aoun as Lebanese president, the MP concluded that based on the massive rally he'd managed to mobilize recently, he alone is the embodiment of an omnipotent Christian head of state.
The movie is a fine example of theodicy, or the effort to explain why an ever-loving, omnipotent Creator would ever allow harm to be visited on his flock.
Canute's nobles sought to flatter the king and convince him that he was omnipotent because of his royal position.
Muslims regard Islam not so much a religion but as a political state led by an omnipotent figure.
As a metaphor for the asymmetries of colonialism, the map gives the omnipotent few the capacity to grasp the vast expanses of the many.
A ceux-la, Dieu fera misericorde, car Il est Omnipotent et Sage", precise le communique.
Professor Zdravko Saveski says that whenever democratic standards are threatened the EU institutions appear incapable of doing anything yet when it comes to imposing austerity measures as in Greece's case, they appear omnipotent. Macedonian Prime Minister Gjorge Ivanov, on the other hand, decorated Prime Minister Orban with the 8 September Order in December last year for his contribution to promoting cooperation between Hungary and Macedonia.
The Praying to Change Your Life course includes this student guide which is designed to provide instruction, thought provoking prayer exercises that stimulate a spirit of expectancy and a prayerful attitude of awe for God's majesty and His omnipotent power to perform His promise to meet our needs and to hear and answer our prayers.
Religionists have responded by arguing that omnipotent deities exist perpetually beyond the detection of science.