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The view from G0ES-I6 emulates this power to give us an external viewpoint--the view of an omnipotent narrator.
A ceux-la, Dieu fera misericorde, car Il est Omnipotent et Sage", precise le communique.
Professor Zdravko Saveski says that whenever democratic standards are threatened the EU institutions appear incapable of doing anything yet when it comes to imposing austerity measures as in Greece's case, they appear omnipotent.
The Praying to Change Your Life course includes this student guide which is designed to provide instruction, thought provoking prayer exercises that stimulate a spirit of expectancy and a prayerful attitude of awe for God's majesty and His omnipotent power to perform His promise to meet our needs and to hear and answer our prayers.
Religionists have responded by arguing that omnipotent deities exist perpetually beyond the detection of science.
He sounds even more of an omnipotent know-all here than he does on QI and that's saying something.
Washington, June 14 ( ANI ): George Orwell's book '1984' which envisioned a world controlled by an omnipotent 'Big Brother' has become a bestseller on Amazon in a few days after the revelations about NSA surveillance programme.
of California at Berkeley) invites wordsmiths of every level to embrace the often neglected but omnipotent verb and explains why they're so crucial to great writing.
He said that Allah is the omnipotent and on this land the representatives of the people who have been elected through the votes of the masses are performing the duty of His servants on the land.
For millennia, in an effort to discover and come to terms with God's nature and complexity, the mainstream of the Jewish tradition viewed the Eternal as: omnipotent, the ruler and determiner of history as an intervening force, and a just judge.
Surely a win over nine-man Estonia could only have been masterminded by an omnipotent divinity with the sublime vision to select Jonathan Walters up front?