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Mormons do not conceive of God in terms of a being who is omnipotently distinct from humans.
An essential feature of this human system is that the non-omnipotent elements of the personality have to be omnipotently denied.
The patient responds by trying to negate, deny and omnipotently control aspects of the therapeutic interaction.
Thiel aims to be "congruent" with Catholic teaching that God is omnipotently good and predestines none to hell (92), but differs over dominant conceptions of death as divine retribution for original sin.
Therefore, after sternly warning the members of his rakish college "not to crop my Rosebud," that is (among other meanings), not to interfere with his publication, he doubles Rosebud's dowry, all the while congratulating himself on his omnipotently merciful qualities which, of course, are also fictional.
Perhaps there is something to Johns' (2000) comment that part of why psychoanalysis is struggling to grow its influence is because we tend to hold, omnipotently, that our theories can explain everything (as such there is a 'proper' psychoanalysis, or on another day, 'extra ecclesiam nulla salus'--there is no salvation possible outside of the church).
For he willed and performed what was proper to each nature, each in communion with the other, the divinity acting independently and omnipotently through his humanity, and the humanity acting independently and in all things in subordination to his divine will, willing what the divine will willed it to will, because of the unity of the person.(10)