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And as the omnipresence of these resilient bed bugs infesting movie theaters, hotels, airports and other public venues keeps growing - it's probably one of the "smarter" technologies you'll buy.
However, her memory of God's omnipresence and ever watchfulness used to suffer a temporary lapse when it came to telling a white lie.
It seems the 31-year-old brunette, who is one of the sweetest celebs around, is driving us all round the bend with her omnipresence.
They could not have comprehended the totality of God any more than we can, but they were given a small glimpse of his omneity, omnipotence omnipresence.
Annie Groer and Ann Gerhart, co-writers of The Washington Post's ``The Reliable Source,'' have made Ginsburg's omnipresence a running joke.
A lack of development in the US POU industry's early years was largely due to the omnipresence of the bottled water cooler.
8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Carousel Industries, a leader in data networking and unified communications, announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire the assets of Marlborough, MA-based OmniPresence, Inc.
With or without listeners, radio is always on, calling attention to the omnipresence of sound, a phenomenon that has captivated many, from Pythagoras, with his Music of the Spheres, to Erik Satie, the Futurists, and John Cage.
Andrew shows a light-hearted side, too, joking about the omnipresence of Queen Victoria glaring down from almost every wall of every royal residence.
Much of his omnipresence comes from the narrator, Joe Mantegna, who is perfect casting for his role.
The magazine, in its third issue, has surpassed more traditional poker titles in terms of popularity and distribution by focusing on the new breed of poker enthusiast that has been spawned by the omnipresence of poker on television, in the papers and in the stores this Christmas season.
OmniPresence couples its best in-class engineering services with our total communications solutions offering, creating a new force in the marketplace.