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The problem, at least for the nonbelieving reader, is that where almost every logical contradiction arises, we are asked simply to accept what we can't understand: for instance, the conflict between human free will and divine omniscience, the question of why an infinitely wonderful God allows the good to suffer, and Buckley's remark about God's love that ``the best way to put it is that God would give His life for us and, in Christ, did.
The narrator has pretensions toward omniscience but is wrong, over and over again.
Omniscience is a little harder to gauge than omnipotence.
It's a shallow world's wholly warped sense of priori ties and very depressing I'm just a humble cricketer with no claims to omniscience or omnipotence" Warne again.
By most accounts, Murdoch's omniscience grows out of a fierce micromanagement style that has him perusing weekly ``flash reports'' from his various enterprises.
Defining focalization as restriction of "field" or selection of narrative information with respect to omniscience (Revisited 74), Genette draws up the following typology comprising three basic types:
OTCBB: DDVS) today announced that its German subsidiaries, galaxis technology ag and Omniscience Multimedia Lab GmbH, have entered into an agreement with their principal bank lenders to settle all outstanding loan obligations, amounting to more than $22 million, for a one time payment of $6.
maintains the tone of narrative omniscience and balance standard to other textbooks of American diplomatic history, but acknowledges and discusses controversies among nationalist, realist, revisionist, institutionalist, and other historians in a concluding section for each chapter.
Only when we merge these two: the higher science of the yogis which can give us omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence, along with our limited scientific and technological knowledge, we can create a new world order.
Chapter 4 reveals how God's knowing temporal indexicals (for example, "It is now raining") is required by divine omniscience, but, in light of this, God would have to be temporal with creation.
At this point in the story, we are drawn in by Andrew's sad remembrance, unaware of the text's subtle shift into omniscience.
Job's journey of faith leads him to a final encounter with God where he acknowledges his own weakness and ignorance in contrast to the power and omniscience of God.