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The omniscient benevolent dictator is often represented in economic analysis as the planner's problem.
Later in the novel, the omniscient narrator enters "You's" narrative to introduce two young boys, labeled Butch and Sundance, whose gruesome history lies at the core of Sorry's chilling labyrinth.
Palmas' book is baggy, and its chatty, omniscient narrator is a little too prone to digression.
The substantive content of this cogently argued book is Indian Buddhist criticism of the Hindu conception of Isvara as a singular, omnipresent, omniscient, and eternal deity, whose existence is defended with a synthesis of cosmological and design arguments.
Their topics include the problem of intellectual reform, synchronic contingency and the significance of Cornelis Elleboogius' Disputationes de Tetragrammato to the analysis of his life and work, Melanchthonian thought in Gisbertus Voetilus' scholastic doctrine of God, justification by faith and the early Arminian controversy, omniscient and eternal God, Edwardsian theodicy, and why a trinitarian dynamics requires open scholasticism.
Knopf, 1986), John Updike finds a new way to engage an old set of problems--having to do with literary realism, narrative authority, and point of view--that have been in play at least since the publication of Walter Scott's Waverley, a novel in which the narrator shuffles fluidly yet problematically between the third-person omniscient vantage of the historian and the first-person point of view of a charming story-teller.
Turns out that many of these supposedly omniscient Masters of the Universe have been ignoring how a weather-tossed, carbon-constrained world could impact industries such as automobiles, utilities, and insurance.
The nearly omniscient Ken Rosenthal (http://twitter.
We would take them out for ice cream secretly afraid--their eyes, omniscient and calm, with color and movement of windswept grass.
The second argument goes from the premise that anyone who is physically omniscient about bats is omniscient simpliciter about bats, to the conclusion that because Nagel cannot know what it is like to be a bat, he cannot be omniscient simpliciter about bats.
Lexington Stakes Coral: 11- 4 Square Eddie, 4 Masala, 13- 2 Jeranimo, 7 Brave Victory, El Crespo, 15- 2 Omniscient, 10- 1 Advice, 14 Parade Clown, 16 Hull, 20 bar Read more at racingpost.
The media has become the omniscient narrator which rules our lives, takes us over, determines even our universe, how we see others, especially politicians and people of note.