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George Austen sent "First Impressions" to the publisher Cadell, he compared his daughter's work with Frances Burney's epistolary Evelina, rather than with Burney's omnisciently narrated Cecilia--her most popular novel--or Camilla--her most recent novel (Southam, 58).
The famous ambiguities of his method, however, are effected largely by the gap that separates this quasi-satiric, omnisciently "objective" stance from the richly subjective interiority of the heroine's profound spirituality, experienced imaginatively by readers as inhabiting her own admittedly artless and untutored consciousness.
While omnisciently describing Lamarat's search for the vanished uncle, the narrator breaks in to announce that he, like his protagonist, has thought of a better way of narrating the event: "Et Lamarat Minar .
This is a strange determinism that bases genuine choice on the recognition of absolute possibility, only to show that the choices inherent in that possibility are omnisciently made in every case" (165).
To be fair, it is unreasonable to expect advisers to be market oracles that omnisciently predict collapses that seem all too obvious in hindsight.
The narrator's intimate acquaintance with Igbo culture is signaled by the ability to closely document such beliefs and practices, to use the native tongue, and to omnisciently enter into Igbo characters' minds.
Honda Yamaha sold Gamer resident David Carter a generator for about $2,000 - hundreds more than what Carter omnisciently said was its "actual price.