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Nutrition: Omnivores have the whole spectrum of foods available to them, giving them access to all the vitamins and minerals they need.
Some scholars suggest that highbrow tastes are a thing of the past and the omnivore now reigns supreme in a "post-Bourdieu era" of cultural sociology (Vander Stichele and Laermans 2006).
Omnivores can enjoy all of the above, plus sustainably raised Red Angus beef or lamb from Utah.
2005) stated that intestinal quotient below one indicate a carnivore diet, between one and three indicate an omnivore diet and over three a herbivore or detritivore diet.
Expanding the omnivore theory, Sullivan and Katz-Gerro (2007: 123) incorporate the temporal dimension in cultural consumption and participation.
Our favorite new San Francisco discovery is Omnivore Books on Food, in what used to be a Noe Valley butcher shop.
Omnivore offers many disturbing images of our industrial food chain.
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Auto Business News-27 February 2009-Lotus to unveil Omnivore engine concept(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Although the vegan women were found to have a slightly lower mean ultrasound attenuation, compared with omnivore women, the difference was not statistically significant.
AS the omnivore that Mother Nature made me, I'm not averse to eating most meat, fish, fruit or vegetables - except for cabbage boiled into a slithering mulch, a la school dinners in days past.
But the average vegetarian eats a far healthier diet than the average omnivore.