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Iron intake and nutritional status of lacto-ovo vegetarian and omnivore students eating in a lacto-ovo vegetarian food service.
Some scholars suggest that highbrow tastes are a thing of the past and the omnivore now reigns supreme in a "post-Bourdieu era" of cultural sociology (Vander Stichele and Laermans 2006).
Omnivore CEO and co-founder, Mike Wior says, "The partnership creates a symbiotic relationship that extends the reach of Omnivore's POS and App connections by leveraging the Doshii Platform and support services, as well as expertise throughout the APAC region."
Leisure-seeking omnivores were more likely to have online leisure activities than gamers, followed by passive selective users.
Furthermore, three feeding guilds, i.e., Insectivore, Omnivore, and Carnivore/Piscivore-/Insectivore of migrant birds were recorded in five habitats.
"Understanding Audience Segmentation: From Elite and Mass to Omnivore and Univore." Poetics 21:243-58.
"Being omnivore means that all foods are available and the person has a wide range of options to pick from and a lower risk of missing out on nutrients than other diets.
In the introduction, Thomas says "Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore" is about hospitality.
Higher abundance and richness of arthropods (especially predators and omnivores) were found in the organic than the conventional system, which could be important in regulating key pests of sugarcane.
Since closing GustOrganics, Kiki has launched a company called "Veganizer." She and her partner, Hadara Slok, go into omnivore restaurants and flip them for one night only, serving their exact menu, however, in vegan form.
The effects of open-pit mining on ungulate species like caribou have been heavily studied, but its impacts on large omnivore mammals like the grizzly bear are still largely unknown.
Other cooks with other books have considered the problems dietary restrictions can cause, but Thomas' Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore (Norton, $35, 496 pages, ISBN 9780393083019), which is lavishly illustrated, imaginative and infused with her love for sharing food with friends and family, is the best I've seen so far.