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Participants followed their assigned dietary restrictions for six months, with all groups except the omnivorous participating in weekly group meetings.
The question of eating meat is an important issue for moral theologians to address, not just in order to defend a vegetarian way of life, but in order to defend an omnivorous one, especially in light of all the moral arguments against eating meat.
A 30kg alpha-male omnivorous Hamadryas can tear a large dog to pieces an moments.
Bears are omnivorous, which means we eat vegetables and meat.
From supporting Bob Dylan in 2009 to appearing in the BBC documentary Folk America: Hollerers, Stompers & Old Time Ramblers, the Wiyos' high-energy stage shows belie the fact they are essentially a group of music geeks with omnivorous and expansive musical tastes ranging from early jazz to hip-hop, country blues to classic rock, New Orleans brass bands to Appalachian string bands, The Beatles to Beck and Tom Waits.
We measured the protein requirements of the omnivorous hermit thrush (Catharus guttatus) and the granivorous white-throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albieollis) during nonmigratory and migratory stages of the annual cycle and compared the results with published estimates for other songbird species.
The omnivorous Syrian Brown Bear is one of the smaller subspecies of Brown Bears.
They are omnivorous and eat meat that includes fish, crayfish, earthworms, turkey, and chicken," he added.
The hypothesis is that Physical Theatre audiences are more likely to be omnivorous in taste and are therefore open to a wider diversity of cultural products.
Additionally, the production per unit of fishmeal and fish oil usage is considerably higher in the tropical and subtropical regions where aquaculture is mostly based on omnivorous fish species which are provided with external feeds containing much less fishmeal and very little fish oil.
Skunks are omnivorous, eating anything from leaves and nuts to insects and snakes.
It is omnivorous, meaning it will eat either animals or plants.