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Carrion kites and hostile readers are omnivorously greedy for dead meat.
At the beginning of the tenth century, all of the foregoing collections and kinds (and more) were omnivorously recombined in a gigantic anthology by Constantine Cephalas, a Byzantine schoolteacher.
Guttman studied assiduously and omnivorously at the Conservatory--singing, acting, oboe, piano, conducting and composition--developing into an extra-ordinarily well-rounded and knowledgeable musician rather than a narrowly focused performance professional.
Now we are "a pyramidic society of the omnivorously acquisitive few.
This is not to say, however, that everyone in Abish's Mexico omnivorously assimilates every European artifact into the story of Mexico, and, indeed, given the potential proliferation of historicocultural narratives and self-definitions made possible by globalization in its contemporary phase, we would be surprised if everyone did.
briefly for Mencken, read as omnivorously as Mencken and was
He reads omnivorously, although few contemporary works appeal to him and, as in the past, he remains aloof from the Paris literary establishment despite being a member of the Academie Francaise, the only native-born American to be so honored.
The industrial scene becomes a gigantic skin-inflammation (the description reads like a graphic medical text-book) that omnivorously feeds on the fire renewing it.