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But finally Jamie gets to go down on bended knee and pop the question.
She had been delighted toacceptwhen partner Andy Laurence, 38, popped the question on bended knee on Moel Siabod near Capel Curig in Snowdonia.
ONLY one in five Scots goes down on bended knee to pop the question, a survey revealed yesterday.
WHOEVER gets the England job, we should all go down on bended knee and give thanks Guus Hiddink wasn't in the
This man needs to get on bended knee and pray for forgiveness.
In fact, the smart money boys are already prophesying that the Democrats will then turn to the junior senator from New York and beg Hillary on bended knee to carry them to victory.
Have the Labour Council members forgotten that these children are future employers, to whom you will go to on bended knee to locate in the city.
Hertsgaard, who wrote On Bended Knee, a book on how the media fell for Ronald Reagan, has now tackled the global environmental crisis.
BLOOMIN' LOVELY He gets down on bended knee with flowers
Shane is romantic and a traditionalist, and will definitely get down on bended knee to do the deed.
Frank proposed on bended knee with a EUR135,000 diamond ring in LA earlier this month.
MOST people do it on bended knee but National Express Coventry is looking for someone who fancies trying a different type of proposal.