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The balance of those on deck replied to our small-arms fire, directing their efforts toward the man at our wheel.
From the side glance he gives me when awake it seems as though he were annoyed at being interrupted in some arduous mental operation; and as I emerge on deck the ordered arrangement of the stars meets my eye, un- clouded, infinitely wearisome.
I shall never forget the debt I owe you," and, with a most winsome smile that displayed a row of perfect teeth, the girl curtsied to Tarzan, who bade her good night and made his way on deck.
Saxtorph waited a while to make sure, and then came down on deck.
How I shall miss the wash of the water at my ear, and the ring of the bell on deck.
When Captain MacWhirr came out on deck, which he did brusquely, as though he had suddenly become conscious of having stayed away too long, the calm had lasted already more than fifteen minutes -- long enough to make itself intolerable even to his imagination.
For the Captain says if we go on deck we may be blown overboard.
On deck Bududreen and his crew had lashed themselves to the masts, and as the Ithaca struck the reef before the harbor, back upon which she had been driven, the tall poles with their living freight snapped at the deck and went overboard carrying every thing with them amid shrieks and cries of terror that were drowned and choked by the wild tumult of the night.
Next she sought the galley and food, and, having appeased her hunger, she took her place on deck, determined that none should board the Kincaid without first having agreed to her demands.
He did it, but he was not a very prepossessing looking object when he staggered out on deck twelve hours later, into the noon sunshine.