on the verge of

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She saw that he stood on the verge of lunacy, if he had not already stepped across it.
I have been to Paris a hundred times, and it never fails to give me a thrill of excitement; I can never walk its streets without feeling myself on the verge of adventure.
I tell you we are on the verge of the unknown," he insisted.
When on the verge of submission to these opinions, the small duel had showed them that the propor- tions were not impossible, and by it they had revenged themselves upon their misgivings and upon the foe.
She had a few times in her life seen Lilla on the verge of fainting, but never senseless; and now she was frightened.
During the war in Italy he is several times on the verge of destruction and each time is saved in an unexpected manner.
I should like to enjoy myself thoroughly, and coquet with all the world, till I am on the verge of being called an old maid; and then, to escape the infamy of that, after having made ten thousand conquests, to break all their hearts save one, by marrying some high-born, rich, indulgent husband, whom, on the other hand, fifty ladies were dying to have.