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These are the only four groups eligible for on-off switch installation:
Regardless of whether the vehicle has an air bag and whether a vehicle owner or operator decides to install an on-off switch, the rear seat is the safest seating position.
Not being one to be defeated by such pressure to acquire a new mower, I cut the flex, inserted a wellinsulated on-off switch and proceeded to cut the grass very satisfactorily.
BEIRUT: When MohammadKoubeissi readied his epileptic patient for a routine exam, he did not know he was about to discover the on-off switch for consciousness.
The England midfielder's on-off switch to Liverpool got ugly 12 months ago with rival managers Martin O'Neill and Rafael Benitez exchanging jibes through the media and Barry was eventually barred from the training ground for joining in.
Here in Britain we hate being told what to do and denied choice so we would probably take a sturdy hammer to our headlights if we couldn't turn them off (Volvo drivers in the UK don't because they didn't get to be Deputy Account Administrator by waving hammers around) so therefore we are allowed an on-off switch.
LONDON BOUND: Kieron Dyer's on-off switch to West Ham is back on, after the Hammers renewed their interest in United's England midfielder
Jackie bought the Whirlpool dishwasher less than a year ago but its on-off switch broke within a fortnight .
A few of the SportEar's trademark features include hearing up to 50 percent better than standard muffs, 32dB noise reduction rating, ComfortFIT one-size-fits-all design, on-off switch with volume control, and CD quality sound.
Acting like an on-off switch, the clutch engages the blades when the operator grips the handles with both hands.
But suppose that important on-off switch was not there?
The operator control panel includes a master load on-off switch; load step on-off industrial toggle switches; a blower on-off switch, and a load voltage selector switch.