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Unfortunately the El Nino is not an on-off switch, so just because the El Nino has finished in terms of its broad-scale indicators, it doesn't mean that imminent widespread rain is about to occur to break the drought,'' Beard said.
It's this gas that operates the insect's on-off switch.
His team reports that a cell can stifle Reprimo activity by attaching chemical methyl groups to a DNA on-off switch, called a promoter, that's near the gene.
Acting like an on-off switch, the clutch engages the blades when the operator grips the handles with both hands.
The units feature a standard black finish and include an 84" long, three-prong power cord and a lighted on-off switch on the front panel.
Features include lock and key for outer door, a four-digit password to protect unauthorized changes to temperature set-points and alarms, and a lockplate over the power on-off switch.
An on-off switch and separate volume control with three 10m (32.
According to the NHTSA, there is an on-off switch that vehicle owners and leasees can obtain if they can certify that they, or a user of the vehicle, are in one of the four risk groups below.
95); the low-flow showerhead and on-off switch will save enough energy to pay for itself in six months.
At the very least, it has this advantage over the OVS: In recognizing female gratification and distinguishing it from intercourse, it treats the emerging sex drive of young single women (and collaterally, of young single men) not only as real but also as a continuum capable of being managed, whereas the OVS treats it as an On-Off switch to be (officially) left in the Off position, but with not much of a plan for when it's flipped On.
Until then, the agency has proposed new, more visible warning labels and the option of an on-off switch for passenger-side air bags.
It recirculates from the pool to the manifold; the rainfall is controlled by an on-off switch.