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The new system, which has been built in-house by the DHA IT department, helps save time, ensures on-the-spot documentation of the violation and helps accelerate the pace of reporting violations.
Drivers will also be issued on-the-spot fines and will be punished with e1/41.
The on-the-spot fine for fare-dodging is currently pounds 20, but Mr Boersma said punishments for anti-social behaviour could be higher.
Now they will be able to issue a simple on-the-spot fine, once they are satisfied with the identity of the accused.
Timothy Nash made his comments on the fixed-penalty policy before jailing a serial thief who was issued with an pounds 80 on-the-spot fine two years ago for a similar offence.
On-the-spot fines have been issued for misuse and will continue to be so.
Those caught flouting the law face an pounds 80 on-the-spot fine.
The act also includes on-the-spot fines for nuisance vehicles.
Said to be ideal for extremely high resolution three-dimensional crosssectional profile scanning, the unit scans up to 150 points across a horizontal measuring line for on-the-spot measurement of materials and equipment.
DRUNKEN revellers at next week's Royal Welsh Show and Brecon Jazz could be handed on-the-spot fines of up to pounds 80.
On a busy Friday night, a 16-year-old attempts to buy alcohol illegally from an independent grocer, so the shopkeeper decides to enforce an on-the-spot fine.
If on-the-spot fines were introduced here, the message would soon spread that Britain is no longer a soft touch as far as illegal food products are concerned.