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The new system, which has been built in-house by the DHA IT department, helps save time, ensures on-the-spot documentation of the violation and helps accelerate the pace of reporting violations.
Drivers will also be issued on-the-spot fines and will be punished with e1/41.
Meanwhile, the Government is backing plans by local councils in England to enforce on-the-spot fines of up to pounds 110 for people who put rubbish alongside their wheelie bins.
Currently, Merseyrail's enforcement officers can only issue on-the-spot fines for fare-dodging.
Maybe while the police are dealing with the inconsiderate cyclists they could also issue on-the-spot fines to the inconsiderate motorists who insist on parking on double yellow lines and across corners, while at the same time blocking the drop kerb.
Minister McDowell introduced the plans in his 2006 Criminal Justice Act, but on-the-spot fines have never been introduced.
Timothy Nash made his comments on the fixed-penalty policy before jailing a serial thief who was issued with an pounds 80 on-the-spot fine two years ago for a similar offence.
HOAXERS who have been setting off panic alarms in a subway in a Midland town have been handed pounds 80 on-the-spot fines.
Retailers who persistently sell alcohol to youngsters face being shut down under new on-the-spot measures.
The new measures under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 now allow officers to issue pounds 80 on-the-spot fines to people caught littering or dog fouling as opposed to pounds 50.
Because these changes typically occur within minutes, the microlenses may someday be used for on-the-spot diagnoses of infections or other conditions currently detected by time-consuming lab tests.
These on-the-spot fines can be contested in court and proper evidence be given if the person believes they are not guilty.