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In fact, over a five-year period, policies issued via Once & Done have a loss ratio that's about three points lower than those that were issued via conventional methods.
Allowed once only during April on high-school campus.
Yet once you check in to this 60-room boutique property, romance rules.
While it has a mixed reputation in regard to militarism, it once was a place where voices of pacifists and those supporting international law at least could be heard.
Once Holmes is ready to leave, he again will smile, make eye contact and shake hands.
His name came up frequently, more than once with one of the marginal annotations that often pointed out a suspect for further investigation.
Today not a few of us find ourselves with allegiances in several conflicting camps, "lighting candles at too many altars," as a poet once said, working to keep all of our gods on speaking terms.
12) Once the emergency that justified the warrantless entry has passed, the authority to search without a warrant ends.
BOLTON Michael Ricketts once pounds 6m, now pounds 2.
Once approval was granted, the LOA-Peace Riemer was mailed to Bandana for acceptance which they did
I once studied the family size of the families who had priestly vocations.
Safety was comparable for 10 mg/day, 35 mg twice weekly, and 70 mg once weekly.