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The miller thought she must mean one of his puppies or kittens, so promised the nixy at once what she asked, and returned to his mill full of hope.
Bruno needed no second invitation: he at once began arranging the dead mouse as a kind of sofa.
this agreeable state of affairs very soon changed once more.
The man in his terror consented to everything, and when the woman was brought to bed, the enchantress appeared at once, gave the child the name of Rapunzel, and took it away with her.
I got him a job once or twice, but he couldn't stick to anything.
Much that he had done seemed to die with him, for once again the Danes descended upon our coasts.
All loathing did I once vow to renounce: then did ye change my nigh ones and nearest ones into ulcerations.
The best means, sire, to put your life in security, is to send for him at once, and to cut off his head directly he comes," said the vizir.
This change of weather had an odd effect upon the crowd, the whole of which was at once put into new commotion, and overshadowed by a world of umbrellas.
But the thing now was to learn in what portion of the world he was, and then take up his interrupted journey once more.
But directly he began to illustrate his meaning, she understood at once.
The old woman glanced for a moment at the pledge, but at once stared in the eyes of her uninvited visitor.