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The driver of the oncoming vehicle suffered a broken lower back which is described as having had a 'significant life-changing impact' on him.
1, a person fell off of the platform at Hsinchu Station in northern Taiwan and was also struck by an oncoming train.
The Southern Cross junction is also a simple crossroads and it can be seen that with the four filter lanes, up to six lanes of traffic can be moving at any one time with no traffic turning right in the face of oncoming traffic.
He had entered oncoming traffic at some point near the Kofinou exit.
He clipped an oncoming lorry and showered two more cars with debris before crashing into a Renault Clio driven by 48-year-old Ms Garrett, a married mother-of-two.
The eyewitnesses said that the victim Afzal was standing with his sister near the canal when he suddenly became scared of oncoming speedy bus and jumped into the stream, reported a private news channel.
Two of the oncoming cars had to veer sharply on to the embankment to avoid hitting the blue Vivaro.
A witness said: "The fog was incredibly thick and oncoming traffic would have had no time to avoid the crashed cars.
Weaving between cars at the M6 island at Junction Five, he then drove into oncoming traf-fic around the island before rejoining the Collector Road travelling in the wrong direction.
The crossing is considered a "high risk" as people have just eight seconds to react to an oncoming 60mph train - but council planning bosses are opposing the plans based on the fact it would be difficult for cyclists and wheelchair users to access the bridge, despite the fact plans include a wheeling ramp.
Many intersections have green arrows for left-hand turns, which assure motorists that they have the right of way to proceed, while oncoming traffic must stop.
A 12-year-old girl managed to take the wheel of a car, so that she could prevent it from colliding with oncoming traffic in Kotara.