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If both are willing to give themselves bodily to one another but are unable to actually receive bodily what they pledge to give, strictly speaking they are unable to marry.
Before our very eyes, however, the democratic movement causes Europe and America to grow distant and to become ever more different from one another.
Fundamentalists cannot even recognize that Paul and James contradict one another, since if they did it would disqualify either or both as mouthpieces of revelation.
At first these two views may look mutually exclusive, but in fact they are mirror images of one another. They both assume Paul left his Judaism behind once he "found Christ" and consequently turned toward communities of gentiles, where he became a leader and made large numbers of converts.
Harvey Fierstein's Torch Song Trilogy debuts, eventually running for more than 1,000 performances on Broadway and introducing theatergoers to a world in which gay people make and keep commitments to one another instead of despairing over their homosexuality,