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Mark Ealham, the Kent all-rounder who won the vote ahead of the one-day wonder boy Adam Hollioake, reached 53.
In a one-day wonder, Australian Backwell rallied with nine birdies and a bogey in a second-round 63 and took a one-stroke on Friday.
It may have started as a one-day wonder but the Great North Run experience is now a three-day event.
I was involved in the 70s with the Kerry-Dublin stuff and people said the hand-pass would be a one-day wonder.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Bailey is still trying to comprehend his rapid rise from one-day wonder to Ashes hero in a matter of weeks.
The proposal to destroy Syria's chemical weapons could be a one-day wonder, but it could also be a game changer" "It doesn't surprise us that someone who would kill thousands of his own people, including hundreds of children with poison gas, would also lie about it," said spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan.
ONE-DAY WONDER : Huddersfield professional Alex Keighley (AC160412Calex-02)
Had this been a one-day wonder, then simply ignored, it would all have been over and done with by now - and Kate and Wills could have consigned the matter to the 'lessons learned' box.
McCourt If you ran the race ten times he'd have won ten times, and if he'd got there the following year he'd have won it again, he was no one-day wonder.
And unlike the one-day wonder of Bank Transfer Day, Suze Orman continues to attract members to credit unions.
Killeen was a one-day wonder because "I was accurate and could bowl yorkers very well," and though he went on to claim two back-to-back Championship-winning medals his imput, he felt, was never quite the same.