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The one-dimensional proper intrinsic spaces underlying the proper Euclidean 3-spaces have been introduced without deriving them in the first part of this paper [3].
The first chapter covers one-dimensional simulation in free-space.
develop a fully tested and refined one-dimensional model where transport phenomena and thermochemical aspects of the problem are fully integrated and tested against experimental measurements;
These bounded states are associated with the topologically protected zero-energy mode of an asymptotic one-dimensional Dirac operator, they say, and their model captures many aspects of the phenomenon of topologically protected edge states for two-dimensional bulk structures such as the honeycomb structure of graphene.
Outcome A will show that for typical one-dimensional systems this is indeed the case.
This hope is tempered by the realities of the current church: How and when will the papacy and hierarchy open themselves up to a healthy critique when the last 20-plus years have been a one-dimensional derailment of Vatican II decrees, renewal, and reform?
The movie's one-dimensional characters exist solely to be dismembered, decapitated, bludgeoned, set afire, squashed or nail-gunned.
But the one-dimensional afterlife of these images is not so different from their purpose at creation.
If much of what he suggests is useful if unexceptional, his refusal to learn from the past that no single one-dimensional approach to urban design can nor should be expected to shoulder such a monumental and intractable task, makes this an ultimately disappointing book.
Oldenburg's sculptures no longer work as ironic double entendres--lipstick is no longer a rocket or tank gun, for example, as it is in a study for the 1969 monument for Yale University, a marvelous blending of libido and hostility, but one-dimensional objects.
By combining electron microscopy with powder neutron diffraction, the researchers determined that these compounds could be described as having a host periodic structure, but with one-dimensional structural channels.