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The one-dimensional proper intrinsic spaces underlying the proper Euclidean 3-spaces have been introduced without deriving them in the first part of this paper [3].
Yet, by focusing on the external trappings of masculinity characterized by the musculature of the superhero's body, young readers may run the risk of over internalizing these rather one-dimensional gender symbols.
develop a fully tested and refined one-dimensional model where transport phenomena and thermochemical aspects of the problem are fully integrated and tested against experimental measurements;
But the one-dimensional afterlife of these images is not so different from their purpose at creation.
If much of what he suggests is useful if unexceptional, his refusal to learn from the past that no single one-dimensional approach to urban design can nor should be expected to shoulder such a monumental and intractable task, makes this an ultimately disappointing book.
Oldenburg's sculptures no longer work as ironic double entendres--lipstick is no longer a rocket or tank gun, for example, as it is in a study for the 1969 monument for Yale University, a marvelous blending of libido and hostility, but one-dimensional objects.
By combining electron microscopy with powder neutron diffraction, the researchers determined that these compounds could be described as having a host periodic structure, but with one-dimensional structural channels.
Lord Raleigh may have been wrong about the mechanism of asymmetry amplification that causes flags to flutter in the wind, but Jun Zhang, in his experiments described in the article, omits consideration of an obvious cause because of two oversimplifications: his "flag" is one-dimensional and he hangs it vertically.
Sad to say, it was the dread Women's Movement that indirectly produced the current wave of one-dimensional, diminished movie moms.
The text is clearly structured throughout so as to be readily accessible, and begins by looking at scattering of a scalar particle by one-dimensional systems.
Among the topics are some spectral properties of rooms and passages domains and their skeletons, asymptotic parabolicity for strongly damped wave equations, a minimal uncertainty product for one-dimensional semi-classical wave packets, one-dimensional Schrodinger operations with local point interactions, and proscribed asymptotic behavior for nonlinear second-order dynamic equations.