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For example, someone does a painting as an art and sells it in an exhibition as a one-off activity, it will not be subject to VAT - even if he gets a good price at an auction.
Netting out the effects of all Government's one-off relief measures, the corresponding average monthly rates of change in the seasonally adjusted CPI(A), CPI(B) and CPI(C) for the three-month period from May to July 2017 were 0.
The idea of moving to a single, one-off final at a neutral venue is one of those ideas.
The original proposal to amend the PFA's by-laws, put forward by parliament, would have seen private sector employees eligible for a one-off payment without restrictions if they completed just three years of service.
This represents an EBIT margin (before one-off items) of 3.
Charges also related to changes in the "fair value" of investment property in Dubai and one-off operating expenses booked during the year, Nessim said, without giving any further detail.
If nurses re-achieve the proficient or expert step after three years, they will be entitled to another one-off payment of the same value.
Called The Dark Knight Rises Juke Nismo, the one-off machine features a host of Batman-inspired details that will make the owner the envy of every movie fan and car buff.
I wish it had been a one-off game because it has more of a final feel to it then," said the New Yorker.
On the positive side, there will be a one-off gain of EUR700,000 as a result of the divestment of a plant property in Saltsjo-Boo, near Stockholm.
EASYJET is to pay a one-off dividend of pounds 150m as it looks to cool a feud with its founder and major shareholder.
He said a one-off tax on bank bonuses by the former Labour government last year raised more than [pounds sterling]3 billion.