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90 in one-parent family payment, it's slightly reduced because I'm working, and [euro]81 in family income supplement - so that's [euro]463.
I am particularly pleased to be here today because I am myself the child of a one-parent family and therefore can particularly identify with the difficulties and joys that that can bring, " she told an audience at London's Savoy Hotel.
NEW LEGISLATION stopping single parents whose youngest child is over 13 from claiming one-parent family payments was slammed yesterday as "heartless".
If you are a one-parent family with two children or more there is not a pool in the Rhondda that you can use until the summer when the outdoor pools open.
Cherie, who grew up in Ferndale Road, Waterloo, recalled her own childhood growing up in a one-parent family.
They will perhaps concur with positive arguments from the NCOPF that being in a happy one-parent family is better than an unhappy two-adult unit.