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A language resulting from a sticker system is called a one-sided sticker language (OSSL) if for each pair (u, v) [member of] D, we have either u = [lambda] or v = [lambda].
Tong [62] tabulated equicoordinate one-sided and two-sided percentage points, to 4D, and probability integrals p, to 5D.
But he predicted the one-sided trend will grow at King Koil.
MIND THE GAP While working in the laboratory of Cliff Tabin at Harvard Medical School in Boston in the mid-1990s, Levin also documented one-sided gene activity in the chick before the cilia appear.
The Series III line includes one-sided models with four to 18 stations.
Mr Kay's article is entirely one-sided and subjective.
All this acclaim is naturally getting a Bronx cheer from folks like Bronx Borough President Freddy Ferrer, who is disgusted with the entire one-sided negotiation, and certainly has the most to lose.
In this media-obsessed age, many now seem to regard a great diplomat as someone who is an outstanding press agent or a vigorous negotiator who can gain advantage for his government by extracting one-sided concessions from others.
Martha Stewart's Print Card: A 5 x 7" one-sided personalized holiday photo card printed on Kodak silver halide photographic paper featuring a photo.
Checkbook 100 leaves one side, one color,printing consolidated daily medications, service (unidosis) legal size bond paper of 75 grams of numbered 5901 to 7400, book of 100 pages, one-sided, two-color.
London, Sept 10 (ANI): World heavyweight boxing champion David Haye has refused to apologise for his comments that his fight against Audley Harrison will be "as one-sided as a gang-rape", during a television interview when he appeared with his opponent.