one-sided view

See: distortion
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Her administration pushed for state-authored history textbooks, which sparked widespread criticism against her one-sided view of history.
The reason that Trump is not liked by the media is because he is fully aware that the one-sided view expressed by the likes of the BBC is the only one most people get.
Mottershead presented a very one-sided view HAVING followed the public debate on apprentice fees in the Racing Post that started with Lee Mottershead's article (July 10) and having been named by him in his article on July 17, I feel I must respond.
Firebrand Michael Moore takes a largely one-sided view of the ills of America.
WHERE TO INVADE NEXT 15 FIREBRAND Michael Moore takes a largely one-sided view of the ills of America.
UKIP's West Midlands MEP Jill Seymour attacked the message as a "shameless" and one-sided view of the Remain/Leave debate.
Lieberman's new book (Book Review: "Shrinks' tells a one-sided view of psychiatry" Clinical Psychiatry News, February 2016, p 5).
COUNCILLOR Hudson's letter (Feedback, November 16) obviously has taken a one-sided view of Plaid Cymru.
Decisions of governance taken lightly or by someone on his own are always, or nearly always, influenced by a one-sided view of the problems.
We conclude, that whilst, on the one hand, the Archbishop has taken an extreme or one-sided view of the teaching of the Church; on the other, for the reason assigned, it is undoubtedly open to every clergyman either to believe in or to deny the existence of a God.
He said despite China's doctrine of non-interference, it carries a one-sided view on how it should work.