one-sided view

See: distortion
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On the question of the one-sided view of discrimination, I'm not at all surprised.
So, by reporting a one-sided view that deposited sales contracts cannot offer protection, is not correct and it gives a bad impression/misinformation.
Howard Weitzman, the attorney for the estate, pointed out that the documentary series shows a one-sided view that is based on the claims of two people who testified differently in court.
Still, his study challenges the one-sided view that doing away with tax havens is always a good strategy.
'History only gives us a one-sided view of the truth.
Balsamo also cited recent reports of textbooks that supposedly present a one-sided view of the Marcos administration, focusing on its supposed achievements rather than its negative impact on the country.
But make no mistake, this is not journalism, but rather cherry-picking of sources who would provide one-sided view to further strengthen the propagandistic narrative: that Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army are the villains.
(07.05.18.) - anti-semitism is a narrow one-sided view.
He at Harvard, she at Stanford, his letters are a one-sided view of how it was--to be intelligent, highly literate, deeply in love, 3000 miles away, unschooled in the art of patience, chained to convention, and young, in 1968.
Her administration pushed for state-authored history textbooks, which sparked widespread criticism against her one-sided view of history.
The reason that Trump is not liked by the media is because he is fully aware that the one-sided view expressed by the likes of the BBC is the only one most people get.