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After the expiration of the fixed term of the agreement, The client can extend the agreement one-sidedly, Twice, For 1 year.
The authors are one-sidedly convinced that Islamists wanted to establish a theocratic state in Egypt and Algeria (pp.
The show cannot be accused of one-sidedly ignoring viewpoints of the other side.
Unfortunately, the present election government, on the eve of provincial and federal parliament elections, even by violating the election code, has scrapped the deal with the Chinese company one-sidedly.
Police said on Thursday they were investigating a man who allegedly kept his dogs in wretched conditions and denied claims that they acted one-sidedly following the arrest of a 26-year-old female volunteer who had reportedly rescued the animals.
Trump, however, has a one-sidedly contentious history with the moderately conservative justice.
Hegel argues that '[w]hereas Antigone identified one-sidedly with the divine law that obliged her to bury her brother, Creon identified one-sidedly with the law according to which traitors had forfeited their right to be buried [.
But hard-liner myopes one-sidedly insist on supposed divine revelation--dismissive of scientific consensus, deaf to the informed consciences of Catholic couples, closed to the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, blind to the overpopulation that (scientific consensus again) simply cannot be sustained.
However, Potter should not be read one-sidedly, thinking that he saw the W.
Historically, relative to its players, the NBA has responded one-sidedly by trying to assuage white fear by methodically corralling the behavior of the league's predominantly black players.
Gaza: August 4 -- (BNA): Israel said it will one-sidedly observe a ceasefire in most parts of Gaza Strip today in order to facilitate humanitarian aid and to allow hundreds of war-torn Palestinians to return home after four weeks of abject destitution.
University officials felt that the Economics Department was one-sidedly attached to an outlook "described by its friends as 'Neo-Liberalism' and its critics as 'Nineteenth-Century Ultra-Conservatism'" (Levy and Peart 2013, 55).