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The one-sidedness of these blind literary discussions also deprives the other characters from making genuine contributions of their own.
The final scoreline does not reflect the game's one-sidedness, but a penalty by Danny Whitaker in the 71st minute gave Chesterfield sight of a point that had seemed impossible at one stage.
My main concern is the one-sidedness of the article.
We reported to the council that we were unhappy with the current one-sidedness of the proposal and that there was no support for an area school at either Rhyd Y Main or Brithdir, and gave them valid reasons why.
The intentional one-sidedness generates a repetitive, overlapping collection of narratives--in Axad's own words, "a tangled mass" of experience and memory.
Be mindful of exploitation and one-sidedness in any friendship, advises Zeid.
Geoffrey Partington has balanced Susan Hibbins' alleged one-sidedness concerning the Pentrich Rebellion by being equally one-sided himself (Letters, February 2011).
The blatant one-sidedness of such anticolonial legislation fueled resentment of imperial authority that challenged loyalty to the very idea of empire and that festered until the imperial crisis.
But what was sorely missing from all this one-sidedness is any discussion of whether this 50-year-old U.
This is not to say that Dunn does not recognize a one-sidedness in some of the material and cases where the earlier testimony of Paul gives a different picture, but on the whole Acts survives the critical testing remarkably well, with the result that it can be used to provide the main framework for the story.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman, President Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Ehud Barak were set to telephone their counterparts abroad -- especially the five permanent members of the Security Council - to stress what they said was its bias and one-sidedness, the left-leaning Haaretz daily said Wednesday.
While acknowledging that "coalitions and parliamentary government" form only one part of the study, Potter justifies his charge of one-sidedness almost entirely in that sphere.