one-track mind

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com World Championship and insisted he must have a one-track mind in Sheffield.
I've always been a champion, I've got a one-track mind and I know I'm going to win.
It's almost hard not to have this one-track mind when everyone, from the company's top leadership to its 12 newest hires announced in December, has what Kiessling referred to as a "predisposition for customer service.
Today's choreographers respect Fosse and embrace jazz's sensuality, but they don't want to fuel the perception that jazz has a one-track mind.
Founded in 1942, the privately held, family-owned and -operated company has a one-track mind.
To my one-track mind the reason is clear: They exist because archers still need them.
Sampler, you'll discover he's got a one-track mind.
Just as American Home is "singularly focused" on woven outer bedding, its parent has a one-track mind when it comes to basic accessories including pillow protectors in blended, cotton, vinyl and satin fabric; guaranteed-to-fit mattress covers in vinyl and blended fabric and an allergy-relief line of pillow and mattress covers.
Men are often accused of having a one-track mind and not being romantic enough but maybe you're a bit guilty of that.