one-track mind

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Locked in their one-track minds, blinkered to all thoughts of reason or fairness, they relentlessly plough their way down their furrow of bile - a process all the more depressing because, like those self-deluding clowns meandering down the motorway, they are all so repellently pleased with themselves.
What goes wrong with the prophets of doom is that they have one-track minds, and never allow for the unexpected.
Sounds like one of those awful GCSE questions for mathematicians with one-track minds, but the boy from Burnley, James Anderson, saved England from an early cheap-day return from the 2003 Cricket World Cup here yesterday.
However, some housemates showed they still had one-track minds
THEY say that some men have one-track minds, but I didn't realise that they developed them as young as three years old.