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And the onerous and burden provisions there that the people have to honor.
Earlier this week, Duterte ordered government agencies to review all contracts that the government entered into and "remove onerous provisions that might be detrimental to the lives of the Filipinos." Guevarra said that the president ordered to prioritize review of contracts on concession agreements and foreign loans.
Early this week, Duterte ordered Solicitor General Jose Calida and Justice Secretary Menardo Guevara to review onerous government contracts with private firms and foreign entities and remove provisions that could harm Filipinos.
"Our latest Quarterly Business Report reveals that local firms are increasing affected by this onerous tax.
Opposition parties and other critics say President Yoweri Museveni's government imposes onerous taxes to fund wasteful spending while failing to stem corruption.
The Council should have recorded in the minutes why no other less onerous solution was not preferred, having in mind the long-standing approach by case-law that compulsory acquisition is an injurious and onerous measure, because it deprives the owner of his land and that the nature of such a decision requires search and exhaustion of the possibilities to achieve the objective in another, less onerous manner.
Retailers make provisions for onerous leases when the cost of a lease is no longer covered by the income of the store.
Said Gerstein: The new streamlined class exemption will likely be a "less onerous exemptions for certain products that have few conflicts of interest, and perhaps a variation of the streamlined best-interest contract exemption." The streamlined exemption would be independent of the current BICE, he said, and "it looks like it will be nimble enough for new innovations in the financial services industry," such as clean shares.
Piyush Gupta, Group CEO of DBS Bank, said, 'The Basel IV recommendations are very onerous. If they go through in their current form, the banking sector globally has to add as much capital as it has already added in the last five years.
The Act does not distinguish between insurance and reinsurance contracts, and therefore appears to have created a new, and much more onerous, duty of disclosure on reinsureds.
Final regulations are less onerous than expected, which should diminish the negative impact on VA sales relative to initial expectations.
The authority has long maintained the changes will bring to an end the "onerous enforcement" of the current disc zone, which it says is not easily understood by motorists.