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It is therefore very important for parts of society to have the financial literacy to discern properly not only where to put their savings and investments but also where to borrow or even better, to plan and manage their finances in order to avoid being forced to borrow at onerous rates and terms.
In renewing their lease, tenants are not obliged to accept any more onerous conditions imposed by their landlords, unless the law has actually changed.
Cronk, writing for the three judges states: "In all these circumstances, in my view, the Review Board's conclusion that its disposition was the "least onerous and least restrictive" disposition available for this accused, is tainted by legal error.
The most onerous aspect of certification, Clarke adds, is the regular paperwork requirements in order to maintain the sustainable forestry label, an irony for an environmentally motivated process, which is not lost on Clarke.
Responsibilities for executive directors are seen as even more onerous than those of non-executive directors, with 54 per cent of respondents saying that executive directors responsibilities are more onerous, compared to only 6 per cent for non-executive directors.
After the discussion, Stu Josephs, chair of the Federal Subcommittee of CalCPA's Committee on Taxation, announced plans to request CalCPA to continue to seek relief from the current onerous situation.
I understand how easy it is to dismiss corporate compliance as just one more onerous burden laid on providers by an out-of-control federal government.
Subjected to a form of degradation that becomes increasingly onerous, Rhea manages to escape, and the mystery of her whereabouts provides suspense to the very end.
However, clinics and women's organizations argue that it is too onerous, because many women, forced to make two clinic visits a day or more apart, would have difficulty explaining their absence to employers or partners; the difficulties could be most severe for poor women and residents of rural areas.
In one of the remarkably cant-free essays at the back of the book editor Hans Ibelings writes, 'The disappearance of the compulsive tendency to construe everything in symbolic terms has not only freed the designer from an onerous duty to keep on producing "meaningful" architecture, but has made it possible for architects, critics and historians to view architecture differently in that things are now accepted phenomenologically for what they are.
Adopting the rule could help remove onerous shipping and handling requirements for CRTs in place in some states that currently have the devices labeled as hazardous waste.
In written comments filed three weeks before the hearing, the Institute elaborated on its continuing concerns about the draft provisions, especially the onerous penalty amount and the potential for improper administration of the penalty.