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Obama went on to contend that the wounds of slavery and segregation still are being felt and that blacks still were onerously being excluded from many American institutions, including unions, police forces, and fire departments.
But "[t]hat which the law directly compels, although it may onerously affect an individual, cannot be said to impose a duty upon him.
Despite the best efforts of the Islamic Republic, I am assured that the rules on women's dress are not enforced too onerously and even obtaining alcohol is not a massive challenge.
Their emotional and psychological states are also onerously mirrored in the artworks for sale in Katharine's gallery.
This millipedal regulatory force covertly kicks at the underpinnings of private economic activity by capriciously debauching the dollar; imposing onerously progressive tax rates on successful economic ventures and making investors eat the losses; fostering anti-business lawsuits and class action rackets; restricting access to energy resources; snarling international trade; and enacting ever more intricate mazes of contradictory laws and regulations with ever more acute moral hazard, assuring that the results of the intervention will be the opposite of its goals.
a premium-financed policy purchased for the purpose of subsequently selling at a higher price; or (2) a life settlement that is forced on the policyholder because the loan package is onerously structured or fails to include an exit strategy.
Although taking the safety-proofing approach obviously is less convenient and more risky, it does not have to be onerously so.
Now it will be a bit pricier than a freehold, but not onerously so.
If these "Scarlet Letter" (21) laws are not effective, what system would ensure better sex offender risk management without wasting scarce public funds policing and onerously burdening those low-risk offenders like Leroy, who have lived without trouble down the street from schools, parks, and nurseries for many years?
Although SCBM reflected a similar philosophy, it onerously required proof of low arm's-length margins before they could be ignored.
The Declaration also provides that "[e]very person has the right to access to information about himself or herself or his/her assets expeditiously and not onerously, whether it be contained in databases or public or private registries, and if necessary to update it, correct it and/or amend it.