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At the UST lecture, Vargas Llosa said when one read a good book, it was not only to enjoy it but to transform oneself to the characters of-citing examples -Shakespeare, Cervantes, Tolstoy, Dostoevesky.
Social skills, trust in others, and trust in oneself will significantly increase through collaborative expression based on block creation.
Bhashkar emphasizes on how to connect deeply and consciously with oneself and others.
One is not human merely because one belongs to the Homo sapiens species; one has to engage in life in a certain way and relate to oneself in a certain way in order to be human, Kierkegaard believed.
The final volume in the series The Person is an introspective musing on the poet's awareness of the human need to experience love both from others and toward oneself.
They tell of the exactitude of what one makes oneself, or rather what one cobbles together for oneself--the precision that comes from well-protected obstinacy.
She emphasized positive outcomes of knowing oneself and growing oneself, which include the increased ability to lead others.
Lawyer, grandmother, mediator and poet Janet Smith Warfield presents Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, a remarkable self-help guide to adapting one's consciousness to help bring peace to oneself and to the planet, one person at a time.
Advice to know oneself is thousands of years old, yet knowing oneself at the deepest level is not easy.
The Giving Chest disburses gifts; its purpose is not to reward oneself, but rather to help others.
While one can delegate certain roles to others in worldly activities and still take the credit for oneself, it is not possible to do so as far as realising the goal of liberation is concerned.
In the editorial you claimed that it was the individual's responsibility to protect oneself against HIV, yet in the "Peddling" article you claimed it should be the responsibility of the party promoter or even the government or AIDS organizations.