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From hostility to openness, from aggressive onesidedness to mutual respect and understanding, from contestation to trust and friendship this is the road of authentic dialogue," he stressed.
Richard's definition of "Christ" as a "moralist," noting that it is "striking in its onesidedness.
In my opinion, Luca Basso is completely wrong when he says that Marx "does not understand Aufhebung in Hegelian terms as an overcoming of the onesidedness of the preceding moments that conserves the positivity of their positing.
He is a monomaniac and because such extreme onesidedness is unexpected in everyday life he goes undetected.
In such flowers with a deflected style often also other floral whorls are involved in this onesidedness (Marazzi et al.
second, whether the supplier enjoys superior bargaining power; third, the degree of harshness, or onesidedness, of the clause.
Dedicated since 1967 to advancing Arab-British understanding, the London-based pressure group, CAABU, tries hard, in the teeth of financial difficulties, to remedy the gross onesidedness of the official presentation of Palestine-Israel conflict.
What amounted to national or literary importance for one generation may have been suspect for a subsequent one; what was for one generation a sign of achievement, may have been insufferable onesidedness for another; whatever one's personal views Tydskrif vir Letterkunde has been built with the toil of those who have gone before.
Vaughan has been left to defend his team from accusations of performing playground pranks instead of discussing the onesidedness of the contest - irrespective of the toss.
removal of its simplicity as of a defect, a onesidedness, to make
Bandera, while attributing this onesidedness to authors like Unamuno, does not.
Ting engaging in a dialogue with different sides and never falling into simple onesidedness.