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The messenger has been launched for iOS and Android users; however, the OneTime Messenger project is currently in need of funding to cover the expenses of marketing the app.
OneTime enables suppliers and their customers to share a common view of the full purchase order to invoice lifecycle.
Fourteen of the 25 schools also appear on the cumulative CMA onetime passing rates list published last month.
Reckson anticipates a 2006 annualized after-tax cash yield on its LPT interest of approximately 18% including the one-time fees, and of approximately 15% excluding the onetime fees but including the ongoing recurring fees.
Extracting that information in a pro forma disclosure can reduce the likelihood that an investor will consider that onetime event in predicting future earnings.
recorded an 8% gain in net income before onetime items for fiscal 2001.
saw adjusted earnings before onetime items slump in the third quarter of fiscal 2002.
Kroger's net income jumped 203.1% to $303.4 million from $100.1 million a year ago, after giving rise to a number of onetime charges in both periods.
because of roll-over exclusions and the onetime exemption for people over 55 years old.
CINCINNATI -- Kroger Co., despite a fourth quarter fall-off tied to an extra week the prior year, still managed to register an 18.9% increase in fiscal 2001 net income and an 8% improvement before onetime items.
saw its second quarter earnings take a double-digit drop before merger-related costs and onetime charges.
CINCINNATI -- Although earnings before onetime items rose at a double-digit clip, newly announced charges reduced Kroger Co.'s reported net profit by more than one-third during the third quarter.