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This will allow credit unions to leverage Ongoing Operations' connectivity solutions to ensure that critical third-party applications such as debit card processing, online banking and ATMs remain online in the event of a crisis," Ongoing Operations said in its announcement.
Task 3 - including ongoing maintenance and maintenance engineering in the years 2013-2016 on the roads GDDKiA Branch in Szczecin, Koszalin-area road No.
1995) make the case that if systematic and ongoing inquiry is indeed to become a part of school cultures, a theoretical approach embracing constructivist premises applied to teacher leadership offers a promising framework for developing school communities where dialogue and collaborative inquiry can thrive and transform thinking within individuals and the collective culture of a school.
Ongoing relationship building and sensitivity to teachers' schedules resulted in access to students to conduct a school-wide needs assessment.
1) Much of this trade was possible because the Reagan Administration took Iraq off of its list of countries supporting terrorism in 1982, making them eligible to receive such items, despite Iraq's ongoing support of Abu Nidal and other terrorist groups.
This allows the purchasing entity to buy what is effectively an ongoing business without acquiring any preexisting liabilities.
The information acquired from the SARA process assists officers with ongoing problem assessment and maintenance, as well as helping to mobilize original stakeholders to reestablish neighborhood control.
They are designed to identify weaknesses and deficiencies only in performance and are not structured to address existing, ongoing problems.
It appears that the IRS is distinguishing taxpayers who perform recurring and ongoing cleanup from those who perform "extraordinary" cleanup costs pursuant to a systematic or general plan to rehabilitation.
Through this approach, clients receive ongoing assistance in finding employment and, once on the job, support in maintaining their jobs within integrated work settings.
Representatives from such leading corporations and institutions as Bank of America, Citigroup, the Ford Foundation, Hearst, HIP Health Plan of New York and UBS received the latest updates on ongoing High Performance Green Building and sustainability issues from the US Green Building Council and New York City Economic Development Corporation among others.