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A Sparrow email application for iPhones became available for purchase in Apple's online App Store in March, and a version of the software for Macintosh computers has been available since early last year.
agreed that rural telcos reselling apps from their own websites via an online app store could be a potential new source of revenue, as well as a way of providing a better customer experience for their residential subscribers and better customer service to their small business subscribers.
The creation of the G-Cloud and the online app store is a step-change in public sector IT," said Neil Stephenson, CEO, Onyx Group.
Stephenson said the new online app store would allow smaller IT firms to get their products into the hands of public sector organisations.
It's a free app downloadable from the online App Store for iPhone and Google's Android Market.
7 -- Replicating the iPhone app store model of iTunes, Apple Inc on Thursday launched the online app store for its Mac users.
By integrating the solution with an online app store, consumers can continually grow their suite of applications and enhance their digital home experience.
The city recently published its "ePark App" for a free download in the online App Store.
Users of the iPhone have access to more than 200,000 officially approved apps from Apple's online App Store, from games and GPS navigation software to applications which integrate with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Brian, which was released on Apple's online App Store this week, is a puzzle game roughly similar to the classic early 90s game Lemmings.

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