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Anne called wildly after him, not caring in the least for the other dumbfounded onlookers.
While this was being done, slowly, amidst mutterings and restlessness on the part of the onlookers, one of the house-boys fetched a heavy-handled, heavy-lashed whip.
Three men sat in at stud-poker, but they played with small chips and without enthusiasm, while there were no onlookers.
It struck the planking of the wharf a resounding smash, bounced along fifteen or twenty feet, and was pounced upon by the amazed onlookers.
He belonged to the people who make the play, and most of us are only onlookers at the best.
Well, they were looking very undancy indeed, when sudden laughter broke out among the onlookers, caused by Brownie, who had just arrived and was insisting on her right to be presented to the Duke.
The rich onlookers who could afford to pay well sat in "boxes" on the stage itself, and the other onlookers sat or stood in the uncovered parts.
The tide of battle swept out from among the trees and upon the driveway just beneath the onlookers.
He made a lurch for the cab, overturning three or four onlookers and himself-- no
The onlookers laughed uproariously, and he felt ashamed, he knew not why, for it was his first snow.
The losing team, accompanied by its host of volunteers, was dragged in a rush over the ground and disappeared under the avalanche of battling forms of the onlookers.
Their bodies were different, as were also the color of their eyes, the length of their noses, and the circumstances of their existence, but something inside them meant the same thing, wanted the same release, would have left the same impression on the memory of an onlooker.