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Therefore it helped the Elizabethan onlooker to understand the play when he saw a king, a courtier, or a butcher come on to the stage dressed as he knew a king, a courtier, or a butcher dressed.
It took an approciable interval of time for him, as well as for the onlookers, to realize what he had done.
"Dig up, or I'll shake it out of you, even if it's all in nickels." Then, to the two affrighted onlookers: "Keep away!
All of which was provocative of great hilarity to the onlookers, while her squalls and cries excited the leopards to spitting and leaping against their bars.
So long as this is general, it is not always noticeable, for the uninspired onlooker is without the necessary means of comparison.
Thus, for example, the individual who defiled a drinking-place would be attacked by every onlooker, while one who deliberately gave a false alarm was the recipient of much rough usage at our hands.
I have seen him a score of times, at table, insulting this hunter or that, with cool and level eyes and, withal, a certain air of interest, pondering their actions or replies or petty rages with a curiosity almost laughable to me who stood onlooker and who understood.
Summary: Paris [France], May 20 (ANI): The iconic Eiffel Tower was closed and people were evacuated as a man was spotted scaling the structure from its exterior by onlookers on Monday.
During an appearance outside St Mary's Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was ( overheard by onlookers asking his bodyguard if someone in the crowd was a "terrorist." The comment, however, was reported to have been a joke.
I WOULD like to express my heartfelt thanks to the caring onlookers who rushed to help when I fell awkwardly on the flight of steps adjoining the Amber Rooms in Loughborough, on Saturday, October 27.
He has been taken into custody at a south west London police station." The sight of the Mercedes wedged into the basement amazed onlookers streaming out of Lancaster Gate station.