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Osundare also uses lexical cramping, for instance "fromswamptosavannah," blending as in "moonechoes" (Moonsongs), neologism as in "unveils" (Songs of the Marketplace), "untrousered" (A Nib in the Pond), "foresings" (Songs of the Marketplace), "headmasterly" (The Eye of the Earth), "shadesome" (Days); onomatopoeia like "onibanbantiba" (Waiting Laughters), "some into gba/some into gbu some into gbaagbuu/mehunmutapa" (Midlife).
While stories like "The Centaur" or "Revenge" could be described as Katkaesque, other stories, such as "The Chair" and "Embargo" not only offer early signs of Saramago's trademark political allegories but also give us a glimpse into the satiric voice we've come to associate with a man who has been hailed as one of the world's great novelists: "If they were to say the same thing, if they were to group together through affinity of structure and origin, then life would be much simpler, by means of successive reduction, down to onomatopoeia which is not simple either.
I suggest that the word shofar is based on the onomatopoeia of the sound that is made when blowing the shofar.
Packet /nterNet Groper, but some others believe that it is actually onomatopoeia for the pinging sound made by a Sound Navigation Ranging (SONAR) Doppler echo when detecting remote underwater objects (Murray, 1998).
Sanchez shows how Ak'abal employs the use of onomatopoeia in many of his poems to achieve the desired effect of K'iche' nomenclature, which names certain objects, such as birds, from the sounds they make.
and learned about such literary devices as alliteration, onomatopoeia,
Nevertheless, they refute formalism with a little band of diffusely referential phenomena, such as musical quotation, onomatopoeia, exemplification, and leitmotifs.
In my view, the attempt to resort to a simulative primary modeling behavior occurs with onomatopoeia when indeed the simulative connection is the result of words and the phonic simulations of their referents.
Devices such as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rhythm are sometimes used to achieve musical or incantatory effects.
The best lyrics have sophisticated internal rhymes, use onomatopoeia for percussive effect and can spin the emotional intensity of a verse or the meaning of a story on a single word," she said.
This posture also leads him to attempt in various ways, most radically through his use of onomatopoeia, to merge into a single utterance the sounds of poetic language and the sounds it seeks to portray.