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Sea sediments in 188 to 211 depths indicated the sea water onrush which had following species:
In fraught, very tense circumstances peace will have a chance only if the actors involved are not only experienced, knowledgeable, and creative, but capable of withstanding, in themselves as well as others, the onrush of rashness, belligerence, and ethnic-nationalistic fervor.
Ted Bowen, also a visionary, did all he could to expand TMH facilities adequately to accommodate the additional onrush of patients.
As the Hawke went down a small pinnace and a raft which had been prepared for such an emergency floated free, but such was the onrush of the men who had been precipitated into the water that both were overcrowded.
But these inferences inevitably enter into the realm of speculation, because the motivation of participants in the onrush of history is rarely specified at the time.
The strategic configuration of power (shih) [is visible in] the onrush of pent-up water tumbling stones along.
More hotel projects Considering the great onrush of tourists during the Khareef season and the regular business visitors throughout the year, Omran has invested in major tourism infrastructure projects that will create demand and encourage private sector participation in the hospitality and tourism sector.
What is missing is any comprehension of the extraordinary changes the world is undergoing with the onrush of jobless technology.
For many, before they're caught up by the inevitable onrush of everyday concerns, there will be a time of crystal-clear appreciation for sufficient coverage, and the perils of letting that need slide due to convenience or pricing factors.
One way to reduce the expected onrush might be to insist that each immigrant undergoes a health and criminal record check - a simple procedure which has never been tried before, which is why our prisons are full of foreign criminals.
Nevertheless, the onrush of politics in "sleepy hollow" could not be gainsaid.
We have not only to face snubbing from our teachers but also have to suffer loss in terms of studies due to onrush of traffic.