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However, onus is on you to provide a medical certificate issued by the doctor you consulted when you were sick.
The onus of its security and preservation lies on our shoulders.
Population onus works to affect economic growth negatively through manpower and capital.
in onus violated Oakes' section 11(d) right to presumption of
Jaitley added that the message that India is interested in normalising relations with Pakistan and that the onus for this is on Pakistan has been "loud and clear".
Yes, the onus is more on Newcastle to set the agenda because of the opposition, but away from home, they should still be able to counterattack.
The ones that connect one OLT to multiple ONUs is called ODN.
Washington and Kiev have put the onus on pro-Kremlin militants holding buildings in the east, while Moscow said the responsibility fell to pro-Western nationalists camping out in Kiev.
When dynamic allocation is implemented, the ONUs can be either fed with one wavelength or receive a stack of wavelengths depending on the traffic load requested by the ONUs.
A partir das licoes sempre atuais de Jose Carlos Barbosa Moreira (4), pode-se dizer que o onus da prova possui duas perspectivas: a primeira, subjetiva, relativa a necessidade de as partes fazerem provas de suas alegacoes, de modo a obterem a demonstracao de seu direito ou a ausencia de razao da parte ocupante do outro polo da relacao processual, sob pena de, ausentes provas necessarias a solucao da controversia, sofrerem um julgamento desfavoravel a seus interesses; e a segunda, objetiva, referente a distribuicao dos riscos em virtude da insuficiencia das provas.
The onus will again be on the PM then to defend him.
General secretary Larry Broderick said: "The onus is now on the Bank to set out in detail - for the benefit of customers as well as staff - the full implications of all aspects of its plans.