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After this their conversation dwindled to a casual remark now and then as they rambled onward, Tess inwardly wondering how far he was going with her, and not liking to send him back by positive mandate.
Then came a stronger swell of those familiar tones, heard daily in the sunshine at Salem village, but never until now from a cloud of night There was one voice of a young woman, uttering lamentations, yet with an uncertain sorrow, and entreating for some favor, which, perhaps, it would grieve her to obtain; and all the unseen multitude, both saints and sinners, seemed to encourage her onward.
The road grew wilder and drearier and more faintly traced, and vanished at length, leaving him in the heart of the dark wilderness, still rushing onward with the instinct that guides mortal man to evil.
He paused, in a lull of the tempest that had driven him onward, and heard the swell of what seemed a hymn, rolling solemnly from a distance with the weight of many voices.
So saying, he turned and left them, striding onward alone.
Then once more the Friar bent his back, and, Robin having mounted upon it, he stepped sturdily into the water and so strode onward, splashing in the shoal, and breaking all the smooth surface into ever-widening rings.
We call it by many names,--fever, intemperance, insanity, stupidity and crime; they are all forms of old age; they are rest, conservatism, appropriation, inertia; not newness, not the way onward.
We have also automated our onward distribution process to provide VisualFrenzy Media's partner network with more efficient connectivity and content delivery.
Archdeacon Miller was the leading votegetter from the first ballot onward, but it took nine ballots to elect him.
The ruin, with all its suggestions of the transience of civilizations, in Gill's photographs speaks allegorically of the failed promises of global capitalism as it marches inexorably onward across the Muslim world.
a provider of computer data recovery and business continuity services, has entered into a strategic alliance with Onward Computer Systems to provide data recovery services as part of its end-to-end services offering.
25 years onward, food given to the all-you-can-eat group was limited to prevent obesity, while the low-calorie animals received 75 percent as much as the others.