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The problem becomes so overwhelming that astrophysics has chosen to adopt Rosseland mean opacities [18,19].
Regardless of the location the pattern is probably related to the arrangement of corneal fibrils allowing opacities to preferentially occur in some locations.
Results: Of all eyes examined, 34% had cortical opacities, a common form of cataracts.
The crypt thus allows one more compellingly to conceptualize the opacities and resistances of the closet as a structure whose significatory potentialities always to some degree escape any intentionality that would control them, even to the extent of knowing where to locate itself - inside or out - in relation to the closet's formidable but elusive architectural solidity.
Examining the eyes of 246 women in the study, researchers found 77 percent fewer mild lens opacities and 83 percent fewer moderately severe lens opacities in the 26 women who had taken vitamin C supplements for more than 10 years.
These data, together with results from experimental studies and previous epidemiologic findings for cataract extraction, suggest that long-term consumption of high amounts of Vitamin C (in the present case primarily through dietary supplements) may substantially reduce the development of age-related lens opacities," said Paul F.
But there was no need to have read the novel in order to meander through the dawns and opacities of the evening-length dance.
Our study showed a weak increase in the overall risk of opacities as lifetime exposure to the sun increase," Collman and her colleagues write in the November AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH.