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Molars are always affected by this phenomenon and often we can find a combination of molars and demarcated opacities of the involved incisors.
We should also notice that if the opacities are only on the incisors, it may indicate another origin of the defect different from MIH.
Whereas two cases, showed dense white (leucoma) opacity as a result of scar formation sequele to corneal ulceration on 7 (th) day and further the opacities did not show any regression in size or density upto 15 (th) day, which was attributed to the deeper initial injuries which produced more dense and permanent scars with no tendency for clearing.
They provided hourly opacities between 07:00 and 17:00 LTST at four wavelengths: 450, 670, 883 and 989 nm, with values similar to those at the Viking sites.
Opacities higher than 4 observed at the Spirit and Opportunity landing sites between [L.
On the surface, it could be argued that Rosseland mean opacities merely reduce an otherwise intractable problem.
Still, Rosseland mean opacities remain at the heart of modern solar models [24,25,40-46].
Cortical cataracts are wedge shaped opacities found in the anterior and/or posterior lens cortex.
Clinically MIH presents as demarcated enamel opacities of different colour, ranging from whitish to yellowish-brown and abnormal translucency.
It may be that the early onset of lens opacities prevents substantial levels of UV-B radiation from reaching the photoreceptor layer of the retina and disrupting cell structure.
The opacities that Another Country introduces into a reading of its liberatory unveiling of transcendence thus mark within the text its ravishing evocation of loss and delimit its own epistemology of the closet.
We are pleased to offer this new product to utility customers interested in improving performance of their existing ESPs to lower stack opacities and reduce particulate emissions.