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This in turn can reduce calender pressure requirements, resulting in improved opacity.
The second objective was to determine whether the optimal particle size range for opacity predicted by Zeller for calcite PCC would hold for aragonite PCC particles.
Provided that printers utilize the correct anilox engravings and a tested combination of plates and tapes, it is possible to print certain labels with high opacity white images, which often require a rotary screen white.
Dry film opacity is a form of evaluating the vesiculation of the synthesized polyester particles.
He argues that the confessional metaphor of the closet was rejected by these figures in favor of a less binary tactic of opacity in addressing sexuality as an identity.
The reversed halo sign, characterized by central ground-glass opacity surrounded by consolidation, has also been reported in cases of pulmonary mucormycosis.
Dark colored paints achieve opacity by light absorption of colored or black pigments.
By addressing the problematic dissociative mechanisms of calcium carbonate in an aqueous medium, Sensient's patent pending Spectrablend CC (calcium carbonate) has provided a novel approach to an alternative white tablet film coating system that minimizes heavy metals and achieves desired opacity at low weight gains.
Solar opacity [22,31,32,34-39] plays a vital role in all modern gaseous models of the Sun [24,25,40-46] and is currently at the center of our understanding of the stars.
Konica Minolta says Colibri enables cost savings through identifying a range of matching options together with their relative cost and performance, and optimises pigment loading to achieve the required level of opacity.
The rule states an O&M Plan is required for each control device that is subject to a particulate matter, metal HAP or opacity emissions limitation per the rule.
These findings indicate that investors demand higher yields for split rated bonds to compensate for the information opacity of such bonds.