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Data from this study thus suggests the efficacy of the extract in reducing opacity and possibly restoring the lens bio-molecules and consequently prevention of cataract induction at a lower dose (0.5 mg/mL) but not at the higher doses.
The lens opacity was evaluated according to the lens opacity classification system III.
"These two new additions have high pigment loading that produces superior colour opacity and high lightfastness rating, meaning increased resistance to fading or colour change due to exposure to sunlight or an artificial light source."
Other mammographic findings were circumscribed opacity (9.34%), asymmetric soft tissue density (8.30%), calcification (9.34%), skin thickening (10.40%), nipple retraction (2.08%), tissue traction (6.76%) and speculated opacity (20.82%).
This wide range of firm opacity proxy variables creates challenges for empiricists seeking to examine the impact of firm opacity on economic decisions (e.g., capital structure).
3, 4, 11, 17, 21 The breakdown of teeth affected by MIH can oc- cur just after eruption in case of significant porosity of the opacity 2, 3.
One day after admission, haemoptysis developed and patient with haemoptysis and shortness of breath was intubated.Computed tomography (CT) scan of the lung was performed which showed bilateral alveolar opacity (Figure-2)
Keywords: Canine; corneal opacity; corticosteroid; cyclosporine; fluorescin dye test
Between 1976 and 1979, data acquired by the Viking IR Thermal Mapper (IRTM) allowed global dust opacity mapping for more than 1.3 Martian years (Martin and Richardson, 1993); the results showed that there were two planet-encircling dust storms within this temporal range, known as 1977a and 1977b.
Research of this issue has shown that rate (time, duration, s) movements of a fuel feed pedal while measuring opacity of the exhaust gases of diesels with the mechanical drive of the fuel pump has significant impact on results of measurement in free acceleration mode [10].
This policy of opacity depicts that how much Pakistan is mature and concerned about deterrence stability.