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The increased demand for opaque polymers from emerging economies such as China and India is projected to drive the growth of the opaque polymers market in the Asia Pacific region," said the Markets and Markets report.
Thus, blue and berry are available during the processing of the transparent compound blueberry, and, likewise, straw and berry are available during the processing of the partially opaque compound strawberry.
High frequency of a/a opaque phenotype was not associated with the variation of genotypes.
From external observation, the fracture was created at the cross of transparent bands and opaque bands.
2] pricing scenarios predominant from the 1980s through early 2010, opaque polymer was commonly a cost-effective replacement for up to 20% of the [TiO.
The strobe eyewear has lenses that alternate between clear and opaque states at eight different rates, with a constant 100 milliseconds (one-tenth of a second) of clear vision between each opaque phase.
A white opaque paste that can be pigmented to create customized colors.
In this article we show how, using run time exceptions, it is possible to notoriously increase opaque predicates' quality, indeed increasing the quality of overall obfuscation and the protection of intellectual property.
So far so good, we have established opaque tights are the must-have accessory.
A collection C of line segments in or on the boundary of S is said to be opaque if every straight line which crosses the square makes contact with at least one of the segments.
Aims: To compare, in vitro, the effect of placing opaque (OPS) and clear fluorescing (CFS) pit and fissure sealants (PFS) on the detection of occlusal caries (OCD).
It provides toughness to opaque sheet, profile, electrical conduit, and injection molding compounds.